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Trusted by Moms Worldwide. High DHA to help support brain development. Fun too!

The Omega 3 Fish Oil For Kids

We have all heard the expression “fish is food for the brain”. This is because Fish Oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, nutrients that are essential to help support normal healthy brain function. It’s the Omega-3 found in Kids Smart Fish Oil – especially high in DHA – that makes it so beneficial to children.

Kids Smart Vita Balls Multi



Bioglan Kids Smart Vita Balls combines the power of a multi-vitamin with added Kids Smart Fish Oil to help your child maintain adequate levels of essential nutrients as they grow and develop.

Kids Smart Multi-Vitamin + Fish Oil Vita Balls are specifically formulated to provide a combination of essential nutrients for your child, to help support the adequate daily intake of these essential nutrients and to assist in maintaining growth and development.
Kids Smart Vita Balls contain Omega-3 fatty acids, B Vitamins, Vitamin D and other essential nutrients important for children’s normal growth and development.

Bioglan Kids Smart Vita Balls contain:

  • Multi-Vitamins – 16 important vitamins and minerals to assist in providing a good nutritional foundation to support the growing body.
  • Fish Oil –delivering Omega-3 fatty acids, especially high in DHA, which is essential for healthy brain function, healthy eyes and nervous system. Adequate levels of omega-3 found in fish oil have been found to play an important role in healthy brain function.

Kids Smart Vita Balls may support and assist:

  • Healthy Brain Function
  • Healthy behavior and temperament
  • Healthy immune system
  • Eye Health
  • Learning
Free from: Gluten and Dairy


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